Welcome to the 2021 ULI Florida Summit

The now fully virtual 2021 ULI Florida Summit kicks off Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 12:00pm, and ULI is excited to host our conference on Hubilo, a virtual event platform.

Accessing Hubilo and Logging in to the 2021 ULI Florida Summit

If you are already registered to attend the Summit,

You should have received an email with your login instructions on Monday, September 20th from florida@uli.org. Click the link in the email or follow the link below to log in to the Hubilo platform using your email address and the login code provided in the access info email.

Didn’t receive the access email? Check your spam filters and then contact us at florida@uli.org

  1. Log on to Hubilo: https://events.hubilo.com/2021-uli-florida-summit/login using a Google Chrome browser or the Hubilo Events App
    After clicking the link above, you will arrive at the login page. Enter the email address where you received our “2021 ULI Florida Summit: Link & Log-In Instructions” email and click Login. Then, enter the login code you received in that email under the “Log on to Hubilo” heading.
  2. Create your profile. Take full advantage of the Hubilo platform by uploading your picture, contact info, and social media handles to your profile.
  3. Check Compatibility: Navigate to the “Lounge” in the top menu bar and click on any empty seat. Then, click the “Test Compatibility” button so that Hubilo can verify your system settings are optimized for the best conference experience.

If you need assistance logging into Hubilo or have any technical issues, contact our support staff at any time at florida@uli.org.

If you would still like to register to attend the Summit, contact florida@uli.org

Technical Tips from Hubilo

If you need help accessing the platform or have questions, contact our support staff at florida@uli.org.