Concurrent Session #1: Rethinking Real Estate for a Multi-Modal Future

Thursday, June 13, 2019 03:05 PM – 04:05 PM
Concurrent Session

With the increased desire to live in walkable cities, decrease in vehicle ownership among millennials, the shared mobility boom, looming implementation of autonomous vehicles (AV), and demand for alternative mode options, the landscape of mobility is quickly changing and it is having an impact on the management and design of streets, parking facilities/systems, and development projects.

The reduction in vehicle ownership, single-occupancy vehicle trips, and parking demand has created a need to change the way we approach parking planning for developments, as the parking needs of a project or community today will not reflect the needs of tomorrow.  Additionally, our street network, which was designed to predominantly support vehicular traffic, is in need of rethinking to support the increased variety of mobility options.

Smart-mobility (driven by smartphones and other technologies) and big data have become the tools to help navigate and plan for these changes in mobility. This panel discussion brings together experts in parking, transportation, shared mobility and technology to discuss the evolving mobility landscape and why developers need to consider these issues to help prepare for today and tomorrow.

Dr. Dean Bushey, General Manager, Voyage Auto
Michael Hess, Smart City Project Director, City of Orlando
Javier Correoso, Public Relations, Uber
Moderator:  David Taxman, Project Manager, Kimley Horn
Session Coordinator:  David Taxman