Florida Product Councils (FPCs) are small groups of ULI members that commit to meet at least two times per year with fellow real estate professionals to share best practices, grow their network and discuss development practices that influence and change our communities.

FPCs meet for a day of programming at the Annual ULI Florida Summit (May/June) and a mid-year meeting (January/February) each year. FPC meetings may consist of guest speakers, sharing best practices, case studies, round table discussions, and site tours.

Florida has 6 available Product Councils:

Affordable & Workforce Housing Council (AWHC)
Community & Housing Development Council (CHDC)
Hospitality & Recreational Development Council (HRDC)
Multi-Family Development Council (MFDC)
Retail Development Council (RDC)
Urban Development/Mixed Use Development Council (UDMUC)

Apply Now
Please download and complete the application and email to:
ULI Florida Product Council Coordinator Jackie Davis
Email: Jackie.Davis@ULI.org

Cost: $350 per year
Applications are reviewed regularly and you will be notified within 4-6 weeks.

Affordable & Workforce Housing  (AWHC):

Community & Housing Development (CHDC):

Hospitality & Recreational Development (HRDC):

Multi-Family Development Council (MFDC):

Retail Development Council (RDC): 

Urban Development/Mixed Use (UDMUC):

Sponsored By:

Council Membership:

Affordable & Workforce Housing Council (“AWHC”)

Kenneth Naylor, Atlantic Pacific Communities

Community & Housing Development Council (“CHDC”)

Gregg Logan, RCLCO

CHDC Membership Roster

Hospitality & Recreational Development Council (“HRDC”)

Howard Long, Tavistock

Marco Roca, Reveille Hospitality

HRDC Membership Roster

Multi-Family Development Council (“MFDC”)

Sean Lance, Vertica Partners

MFDC Membership Roster

Retail Development Council (“RDC”)

John Crossman
Crossman & Company

Urban Development / Mixed Use Council (“UDMUC”)

Michael Phillips, LOCI Capital

UDMUC Membership Roster



Please contact Jackie Davis at 330.501.6250 or Jackie.Davis@uli.org