CONCURRENT SESSION (Fri): “You Can Get There From Here: Moving Florida from ‘Dangerous by Design’ to ‘Walkable By Design'”

Friday, May 26, 2017 10:30 AM – 12:00pm Concurrent Session

Highly walkable urban and suburban places create value for communities, however, Florida held 9 of 11 of the most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians in the entire nation in the 2016 Dangerous by Design Report released last fall. This panel will highlight major policy initiatives and implementation measures aimed at adapting our vehicular-centric transportation system into a diversified mobility-based system where walking, biking, transit, water transport, and autonomous vehicles move Florida’s metro areas off the Pedestrian Danger Index, and to the top of the “Pedestrian Delight Index.”

Billy Hattaway, Transportation Director, City of Orlando

Moderator:  Christine Burdick, President, Tampa Downtown Partnership